Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What do you ride for?

Last Saturday, I rode to SMU and then onto Central Market for a bite to eat. Central Market has a nice bike parking facility. You can also park your motorized scooter or motorcycle there.
I am usually wary of parking my bike racks, especially if they are outside the store I am visiting. However, the sheer volume of traffic that was going in and out of Central Market and the fact that they had a Security Guard who was monitoring the parking lot (on a bicycle), gave me the extra confidence to park it at the rack and go in to get a bite to eat. BTW, Central Market has a large selection of both Vegetarian and non-vegetarian, ready-to-eat dishes.

And, yes, I saw this bike with the big sign on it that read, "Bicycling Against Oil Wars". I guess that is definitely one fine reason to ride a bicycle. Yeah, totally!

I ride for recreation and staying in shape.

What do you ride for?

Peace :)

PS. I must have dropped my brand-new Pearl Izumi gloves when I was fixin' to depart. After riding a few miles, on my ride back to Irving, I realized I had dropped it at the bike rack at Central Market. I called'em and some nice person had turned them in at the Customer Service.

PPS. Whoever this person is, thank you, Sir/Madam, from the bottom of my heart. This pair was particularly special to me, as I had purchased it with the money my dear child gave me for my birthday. Again, thanks!

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