Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My Review of Roku HD Player

Originally submitted at Roku

The best-selling HD Player (as known as Netflix Player by Roku) plays High Definition video and connects to surround sound audio.

The $100 Joy Box!

By ShaggyDog from Dallas, TX on 7/28/2010


5out of 5

Pros: Great value, Video selection, Easy to set up, Built in Wi-Fi, Compact, Easy to use, High quality picture, Reliability

Best Uses: Secondary TV, Bedroom, Living room, Primary TV

Describe Yourself: Netflix fan, Technophile

This is a very good quality product offered at a reasonable price. It is super-easy to setup. I do not use a HDTV. I have a non-digital TV and I wanted to keep my expenses to a minimum (instead of buying a Blue-Ray DVD Player). I read about this product online, read a bunch of reviews on and contacted Roku once just to get a feel for their phone support (although pre-sales at that point). I was immediately impressed.

I ordered the product from Amazon, got it in 2 days. It took me all of 15 minutes or less to set up the Roku XR. I have watched close to 25 movies in less than a month since I got the device. I could not be happier.

The Roku XR has all the bells and whistles I would probably need when I upgrade to a slim television and I will continue to use the device, until technology out-modes it.

Using the Roku XR, one can connect to different movie libraries. I use both Amazon and Netflix.

Roku XR rocks! I highly recommend it.


Zucchini Pasta!

We received our Julienne Slicer in the mail yesterday.

In all the excitement created by the new kitchen gadget, we came up with this simple dish for dinner tonight. It turned out great.

Here is the basic idea:

  1. Use a Julienne Slicer to make noodles with Zucchini.
  2. Add warm pasta sauce.
  3. Garnish with Parmesan and a few pieces of Parsley.

Dinner is served!

Here are some photos of the prep:

In order to prepare the Zucchini noodles, chop the zucchini squashes into 2" pieces as shown below.

Stick the Zucchini piece onto the holder piece in the Julienne Slicer.
Using the Julienne Slicer, you can prepare different types of slices. Here is one way to slice the Zucchini. There is a level on the unit that let's you select how you want the vegetable sliced.
Behold the power of the Julienne Slicer! Zucchini noodles for your gastronomic experimentation :)
One thing I did not like about this Julienne Slicer is that the blades get clogged up with chopped-up veggies quite quickly. In the case of the Zucchini noodle prep process, I had to quickly rinse off the blade assembly after every two pieces of Zucchini. But given how long it will take to do it manually, I suppose I shouldn't complain too much.

By the way, if you like to have a nice pile of Julienned oninions on your burgers, the Julienne Slicer is super useful and it is really tear-free!

Bon appetit!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Time To Play

I will be spending the next two weeks with my daughter. We do not have any big plans except to stay fit and have fun. We will be riding our  bikes and if the weather cools a bit, might even consider a S24O. So, I will not be posting a lot for a bit.

Y'all have fun and be safe out there!

Peace :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ride to Trinity Bicycles!

I rode to Fort Worth today to visit Bernie and Bryan at Trinity Bicycles. It wasn't too hot, albeit muggy, when I left this morning.
My route to get to Trinity Bicycles was the same as last time: Irving to Grand Prairie to Arlington to Fort Worth. Here it is as a map! I only rode all the way from Irving to Trinity Bicycles, but I took the TRE on the way back and rode home from the West Irving TRE station.

Actual route I rode! The actual route is different from the one I mapped out. I am still new in this big metropolis. So, while the roads that I mapped looked great on paper, or should I say "looked good on LCD", some of them weren't good enough for riding my bike. So, I did change my route, as I went along.

Traffic in Arlington was quite hectic!
There might have been a game or something. Luckily no one honked where the traffic was quite busy. However, some bozo woman honked at me where there was no traffic! Go figure!! I took the lane about 90% of the time today and it was all good.

I stopped at a Slotzsky's for lunch. Quite yummy :)
Nice photo seen at Slotzsky's :)
As I got closer to Fort Worth, it got hotter.I was quite miserable. But I kept at it, drank a tank of water and made it safely to Trinity Bicycles! I was received by Bernie's new assistant!!
Today's trip had a special purpose. Bernie built a new wheel for me on a SON 28 dynamo hub. The wheel was built using a Velocity Chukker MSW 36hrim. This dynohub wheel can be used on both the T-800 and Gikma. Here is Bryan working on fitting the wheel and the lights on Gikma.
For lights, I got the Lumotec IQ Cyo Senso Plus front light.
To protect my back, I got a Busch&Müller TL Toplight Line Plus rear light. Both are powered by the new dynohub wheel.
If you are in the market for getting a quality wheel built, I recommend Trinity Bicycles. Their attention to detail and service are outstanding. Here is Bernie posing for a photo in the middle of his diligent checking of the build of a Jango bicycle.
It took a little bit to get all the cables properly fastened and such. Here are the two pros posing after a the successful completion of a job! Job well done Bernie & Bryan! Thank you!
 And, here is a happy customer posing with his newly updated bicycle.
I will be posting on how well I like the new lights soon.

In all, I rode close to 56 miles today. It was a great day. I hope your day was a great one as well.

Peace :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

100% this week

I was kinda getting "grumpy" like Steve. So, I decided to ride to work all days this week and relax a bit. So far, I got 4 days in and I got one more to go to make my 100% goal. I am gonna ride to work tomorrow, rain or shine.
Looks like tomorrow might be a short day at work, hooray!

I am looking forward to the long weekend. I hope you are too.

Have a Great 4th, in case I don't see you for a few days!!

Let Freedom Ring!

Peace :)