Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ride to Trinity Bicycles!

I rode to Fort Worth today to visit Bernie and Bryan at Trinity Bicycles. It wasn't too hot, albeit muggy, when I left this morning.
My route to get to Trinity Bicycles was the same as last time: Irving to Grand Prairie to Arlington to Fort Worth. Here it is as a map! I only rode all the way from Irving to Trinity Bicycles, but I took the TRE on the way back and rode home from the West Irving TRE station.

Actual route I rode! The actual route is different from the one I mapped out. I am still new in this big metropolis. So, while the roads that I mapped looked great on paper, or should I say "looked good on LCD", some of them weren't good enough for riding my bike. So, I did change my route, as I went along.

Traffic in Arlington was quite hectic!
There might have been a game or something. Luckily no one honked where the traffic was quite busy. However, some bozo woman honked at me where there was no traffic! Go figure!! I took the lane about 90% of the time today and it was all good.

I stopped at a Slotzsky's for lunch. Quite yummy :)
Nice photo seen at Slotzsky's :)
As I got closer to Fort Worth, it got hotter.I was quite miserable. But I kept at it, drank a tank of water and made it safely to Trinity Bicycles! I was received by Bernie's new assistant!!
Today's trip had a special purpose. Bernie built a new wheel for me on a SON 28 dynamo hub. The wheel was built using a Velocity Chukker MSW 36hrim. This dynohub wheel can be used on both the T-800 and Gikma. Here is Bryan working on fitting the wheel and the lights on Gikma.
For lights, I got the Lumotec IQ Cyo Senso Plus front light.
To protect my back, I got a Busch&Müller TL Toplight Line Plus rear light. Both are powered by the new dynohub wheel.
If you are in the market for getting a quality wheel built, I recommend Trinity Bicycles. Their attention to detail and service are outstanding. Here is Bernie posing for a photo in the middle of his diligent checking of the build of a Jango bicycle.
It took a little bit to get all the cables properly fastened and such. Here are the two pros posing after a the successful completion of a job! Job well done Bernie & Bryan! Thank you!
 And, here is a happy customer posing with his newly updated bicycle.
I will be posting on how well I like the new lights soon.

In all, I rode close to 56 miles today. It was a great day. I hope your day was a great one as well.

Peace :)

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