Monday, August 30, 2010

Cool banner + New Book + New Tires for Meera!

There is always something to learn that is new. Well, even relearning old tricks can be a great exercise, sometimes. I saw this banner at the West Irving TRE Station. The banner sounded as though it was meant for cyclists!
Adventures (which can be sometimes as simple as riding my bicycle to work) PLUS riding bikes for fun/commuting PLUS reading good books. I just started reading, "The Lost Cyclist". Between that and the newest issue of Bicycle Times, which has an article about bicycle commuting in DFW, I can't decide which to put down.

Picked up a pair of Schwalbe Marathon Plus 20x1.75 tires and tubes for Meera on Saturday from Trinity Bicycles. Trinity Bicycles courteously agreed to dispose off the original tyres (Raleigh branded, perhaps the original pair that came with the bike).
I hope to get a lifetime of riding with these tires.
What's new in your world?

Peace :)

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