Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fun Project: Rear-view Mirror (RVM)

I have used different rear-view mirrors in the past. Of the ones I have used, I think I like the Tiger's Eye brand the best. One thing I missed in all of the manufactured RVM's I used was a larger mirror. Recently, while browsing the web and exploring my options, I got an idea for making my own RVM. Below, I have described how I did it.

Parts needed: See picture below!
  1. 6" long 1/4" Loc-Line flexible tubing ($6.00)
  2.  2 small and 2 large Zip-ties ($0.50)
  3. Pocket Mirror from Wally World ($3.00)
Total cost $10.00 (approximately)!

Step 1: Remove the pin that holds the two pieces of the mirror together.
In order to remove this pin, I used an Allen Wrench to push it out. I used a hammer to tap the pin out, gently. Then I used a needle-nose pliers to pull the pin out.
Step 2: I used the bottom piece of the mirror unit. The top had some design on it which I did not want to use. Insert the pin back into the original slot, which resides in the bottom piece. Use two small zip-ties to secure the mirror to the front end of the Loc-Line tubing. I used two zip-ties, both going under the pin which we re-inserted into its slot, earlier.
Step 3: Loop two of the larger zip-ties through the helmet's vents. In order to secure the Loc-Line to my Nutcase Caution Helmet, I looped the zip-ties as shown below. In case of a road helmet or a traditional Mountain Bike helmet, you may want to loop the zip-ties through the vents on the side of the helmet.
Step 4: Insert the Loc-Line tubing through the zip-ties loops as shown below, tighten the zip-ties to secure.
Does the mirror look dorky? Well, it perhaps does. I care more about the functionality!
Does the mirror work well? You betcha!
Once I am confident that the zip-ties do not need more tightening, I will trim the zip-ties.

Possible Advantages of this design:
  1. Larger mirror permits easier view of the traffic behind
  2. The Loc-Line tubing is very flexible and easy to use.
  3. The total cost of this project is $10, practically play money!
I am sure I will think of ways to improve this setup. I will let you know my thoughts as and when I improvise.

Peace :)

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