Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lovely Ahwahnee!

It was my first Mountain Bike in the USA. A lovely, hardy bike she was, my Yokota Ahwahnee. I picked her up at the LBS in Columbia, Missouri, in 1993, when I was a first year grad student. She cost me close to $220, with taxes and all - quite the luxury for someone on a Teaching Assistantship.

She was a beauty. I rode her over many unpaved roads and paved roads, not as avidly as I do these days, but she got to see quite a few places.

She was my car, my grocery getter, my commuter bike, my mountain bike, my snow mobile and all that and more!
Last seen in my old apartment's laundry room, in St. Louis, around Summer 2004, until someone with a key to the laundry room stole her!

Peace :)

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