Thursday, September 23, 2010

CamelBak Insulated Bottle: One Year Later!

I bought my CamelBak Insulated Bottle in June 2009. I am still loving it. It keeps the water COLD, even on the hottest days. I usually keep ice cubes in my CamelBak bottle, on the hottest of days, and fill-up my KleanKanteens with cold water, before I leave home. I refill the KleanKanteens at rest stops. The water in the CamelBak is a sure bet. It stays cold, very cold, for at least 8 hours, on even 100+ days, here in Texas.

I have left the CamelBak insulated bottle filled with ice, through the evening and overnight, in the unairconditioned garage, in the heat of Texas summer, only to be pleasantly surprised with cold water in it, the next morning.

I absolutely love this bottle. If I really need to gripe, I guess I could wish for a CamelBak Insulated bottle with a larger capacity. CamelBak --- are you listening? :)

Peace :)

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