Thursday, September 23, 2010

Let it shine!

It has been 2+ months since I got my SON dynamo equipped wheels built for my 700C wheeled bikes. I haven't gotten around to buying a front and rear light for the Cannondale T-800. So, I have been using the dynamo wheel only on Gikma, thus far. My ride back home is usually after dark and part of my route is through the Campion Trail.

I am so glad I decided to get the dynamo-equipped wheel and the lights! I enjoy a very similar setup on my Thorn Nomad as well.

The hub dynamo does add a bit of weight to the bicycle, and yes there is a bit of drag, but I would rather have lighting available at all times than worry about running out of charge on batteries.

Thanks, Chris! Approximately, one year ago, you heightened my interest in the splendor of dynamo lighting.
The bug bit me back then, but understandably, it took a while to round-up the required number of Greenbacks!
Peace :)

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