Monday, September 27, 2010

Loaded Ride to Roanoke!

Yesterday, I loaded Gikma with some extra bags and headed out to Roanoke. I had a few training goals in mind and the nice grades on the way to Roanoke helped me with achieving my training goals. The bike with the extra load weighed around 65 pounds!
I was hoping to see some Fall colors, but it might be too soon for that around here in DFW. It was perfect cycling weather. Very pleasant!
I ride Dove Loop all the way from Grapevine, through South Lake to Roanoke. The landscape changes quite a bit after South Lake. It is more like countryside over there. 
I am not certain for how many more years this area will retain its charm. I see quite a few buildings under construction. Here is one such a construction project, which I don't remember seeing earlier in March this year.Also, check out What's new in Roanoke, Texas?
One other perk of riding Dove Loop: I find most drivers (99.9%) are very courteous and they do share the road --- based on my focus group of size 1 -- ME! But, I do take the lane, wherever it makes sense for me to do it.

While the grades on the way to Roanoke are not of epic proportions, they still challenge me. I found a couple of 10-12 degree climbs and a bunch of 6-8 degree climbs. None of them are very long, however!

Ah, finally made it to Roanoke! It is 20 miles from my door to this point.
I stopped at my usual watering hole, The Book Carriage, to get a nice cup of Java and a couple of Tea Cakes. The proprietors were nice enough to let me charge my speaker (which I forgot to charge the night before). So, I hung out at the very nice independent book store for a while, savoring my coffee and exchanging some ideas with the owners.

While at the book store, I met Mark Fadden, the author of The Brink. I talked to him for a few and learned that he is a cyclist as well. He is another famous person I know from Colleyville.
On my way back, I rode through historic Grapevine and stopped at the Boulangerie for lunch.
Tomato, Mozzarella Panini --- yummy!
And, a free sampling of some fine breads :)
I had always wanted to do this shot! Some call it the obligatory shadow shot :)
Finally, getting closer to Irving, yay!
The famous canal system in Las Colinas!
At this point, I had only ridden 40 or so miles and I wanted to do a total of 60 miles.Well, I wasn't toast yet! The sun was on my back! I decided to immerse myself in the beauty of the scenery along the Campion Trail and ride the rest of the mileage needed to reach my target by riding around Valley Ranch.
Kids fishing at the lake!
Campion Trail bird watching area! You see tons of really pretty birds here, much of the year!!
Sunset reflecting on water!
And, finally, home sweet home!
I hope your day was a great one!

Peace :)

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