Tuesday, September 7, 2010


The sign pictured above is by the White Rock Lake trail. You would think the message above is self-explanatory and people would mind their manners, at least after reading the sign, right? Not true, for there are many cyclists behaving so arrogantly on the trail at White Rock Lake.

If a cyclist passes me without warning me that they are passing me, I yell out loud, "Signal that you are passing me, please". Some yell, "Passing on your left", after they hear my plea and some just give me the look like I am way out of line.

Parlez-vous cyclish?

If you are out driving, whether you are driving your car or your bicycle, please be courteous to other vehicles and users of the path/road. If you are doing this already, great! Now, let's please get the word out to others as well. Just my 2 cents!!

Peace :)

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