Saturday, September 18, 2010

True or Untrue? Truth be revealed!

Today, I took the wheels off the Thorn Nomad MK2 and took them to Trinity Bicycles so I can get them trued. Bryan @ Trinity Bicycles showed me that both my wheels were a bit "untrue" and showed me how to true them and helped me get both the wheels trued. I have never trued a wheel until now. I have seen people do it and I have had the wheels on my T-800 trued once last year. Other than that I have not had any problem with wheels going out of true. Knock-on-wood :)

I know there are many articles on the web, books on bicycle repair, videos on YouTube, etc, which probably show how to true a wheel. But, learning how to do it from a professional was invaluable. So, thanks Bryan M :)

Shaggy entertained the visitors to Trinity and made some money doing tricks and stuff. Helped pay for gas :)
Trinity Bicycles also has some brand spankin' new Tees, you ought to check out. The Tees come in two colors, the other color is gray. I got some for myself, so I can proudly display my loyalty to my LBS. I know there are other bike stores in DFW which are closer to my neck-of-the-woods, but I like the quality of work done at Trinity and their customer service, much better.

Hope your day was a great one!

Peace :)

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