Sunday, October 10, 2010

Belly of the beast!

The underbelly of the Brooks B-135! Please click on image to enlarge.
I have a B-135 saddle on my Co-Motion Americano aka Gikma. I have had the saddle for almost as long as I have had the bike, 2 years. The saddle has conformed to the shape of my posterior and it is quite comfortable to ride on.

The B-135 is a very enjoyable saddle. It features a double rear coil springs (D & E) and a double loop front spring. The saddle is highly adjustable (not that it needs that many adjustments). Allen bolts A1 and A2 facilitate the proper angling of the B-135. To further enhance riding comfort, the leather top can be tightened via bolt C.

But, don't let the comfort factor fool ya! This ain't no featherlight, aerodynamic { :)} saddle. This is one beast of a saddle, built for riding on gravel and dirt roads, perhaps seen more often in developing nations. The B-135 weighs 1630 grams or roughly 3.59 LBS.

I have been critically analyzing the weights of the non-stock components on the Americano, simply to see if I can replace a part that weighs more with another part in the garage. There are two heavy objects on the Americano: 1) the Arkel Small Handlebar bag (is heavy because of its contents!) and 2) the B-135.

I am not swapping the B-135 with anything else!

Instead, the contents of the Arkel Handlebar bag will be critically examined and the principles of CRM (Crap Reduction Management) will be used extensively, to reduce the weight of that package!

For those interested in getting the words from the horse's mouth, here is the official B-135 page!

Peace :)

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