Tuesday, October 26, 2010

First Impressions: Park Tool Digital Scale DS-1

Just prior to my recent S24O, I purchased the Park Tool Digital Scale DS-1 from Amazon.com. It arrived just in time for me to weigh my bags and my bike, a few days prior to my S24O. I was so pumped to have the new precision scale.

The DS-1 was very easy to use. I was kinda disappointed that it didn't come with the 3 AA batteries needed to operate it. It wasn't made in the USA, like I had hoped that a Park Tool product would be :(

But, more disappointing than that was the fact that there was some loose contact in the circuitry which made the display not work properly. It simply would not display the left-most digit. So, for instance, my bike only weighed 7 LBS and 3 OZ. Talk about a ultra-light steel touring bike :)
So, I sent it back to Amazon.com and they sent me one back by Next Day Air --- Nice Customer Service, Amazon.com!

I tested the new one out tonight and the display seems to work properly. I weighed my bike 3 times and got the same readout. So, it is consistent and hopefully consistently correct!

Wait a minute!

There is no intentionally introduced change in the configuration of the bike since the last time it was weighed, but still I don't know how that could account for 8 OZ difference (37 LBS 03 OZ minus 37 LBS 11 OZ). Could the change in tire pressure have caused this change? May be the first DS-1 I used had more things wrong with it over and above the dysfunctional display. Has my bike put on weight on its own? Makes me wonder! Hmmm...I thought I was missing some energy bars :)

In the final analysis, in terms of setup and usage, the DS-1 is quite easy to setup and use. I could have hanged it from a hook in the garage, but it is just as easy to hang it from my Bicycle Work Stand. The readout can easily be changed from LBS to KG.

Since the variance between the measurements is 8 OZ, I suppose some more testing is in order. I will test objects that I know the weights of and see how accurate the DS-1 is. If it is accurate, it is a keeper; else it will go back to Amazon.com.

That's all I have about the DS-1 for now.

Peace :)

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