Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gikma and The Art of CRM!

I have been writing about CR/CRM  for a week or so now. Enough is enough, here it is, in its simplest form.

While I don't consider myself a pack rat, I have been known to hang-on to things for a bit longer than necessary. This habit, can, sometimes bite you in the rear. If you enlarged the picture below, you will see that my Arkel Handlebar Bag (AHBB) and its contents weigh* around 14-16 LBS. Holy spokes!
Now, if I add this to my bike with the B-135 saddle on it, then I am looking at a total of 28+16 = 44 LBS. That's quite a bit, even for me!

So, I started to go through the contents of the AHBB. Here is a photo of all that the bag contained!
Some of the items in the bag were really useful things I like to have around during all my rides. But, some items were an overkill. These have been circled with a yellow colored pencil.

For instance, I have been hauling three bags of change worth about 3 dollars, but the total weight of the change was close to 3/4ths of a pound!
While the Gerber Multi-tool is a great item to have, it is actually redundant if I am carrying my pocket knife and my Topeak Alien II tool. Now the Gerber tool and the change and some extra Almonds I have been carrying around weigh a total of 2 LBS and 1.5 Oz. My finely honed CRM skills say that these have to be removed from the bag.

While reducing 2 LBS of stuff may not sound like much, initially, it is worth it, I think. This is especially true if you are planning to go on a tour and you do have other gear to carry.

I am not completely done with CR yet. Plus, I think having a proper scale will help expedite weighing the contents of the bag much more expeditious. Right now, I do not have a scale that can measure more than 5 LBS, unless I use the bathroom scale.

I will post about how else I use CRM to eliminate hauling extra baggage around!

Peace :)

* In order to properly measure the weights of my bike and the accessories, I have ordered a scale, but it is not here yet.

PS. The white powder in the translucent medicine canister is Baking Soda - a great way to be rid of heartburn in a jiff!

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