Sunday, October 10, 2010

Roanoke - WILD TOWN!

My friend Shoaib and I rode to Roanoke on Saturday. Little did we know what was in store for us. It was Celebrate Roanoke Day and the town was more bustling with visitors and activities than I have ever seen.

They had live music, food and a live simulation of the "Wild West". See for yourselves :)

Gents were dressed quite handsomely and the ladies was all lookin' pretty! Then there was these 3 fellas who was looking for trouble.
The Sheriff being the trained professional he was, smelled trouble and he was just asking these fellas some questions as to their whereabouts. Things got outtta hand and the lawman attempted to apprehend the outlaws.

But some nasty outlaws them was and trouble began! One of the boys was down soon and ...
The boys shot the Sheriiff :(
{That's the end of that show! Please note this was not a real killing!!}

Not everything was that wild and dangerous in Roanoke on Saturday. There were a group of fine gentlemen who were demonstrating how to make toys for kids from wood.
All this hard work {of others :) } made me real hungry and I found some good food at Mi Familia in Roanoke. Mi Familia's food is tasty and they are very reasonably priced (at least for lunch).
On the way to Roanoke, we saw some fine automobiles, including this one!
Hope your day was a fun one!

Peace :)

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