Sunday, November 28, 2010

Works for most!

I usually look at the recommendation for minimum and maximum tire pressure, every time I inflate my bicycle tires (actually for all tires). I aired the tires of the Raleigh Twenty today and I noticed that Schwalbe recommended a minimum of 45 PSI and maximum of 70 PSI for the 20x1.75 Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires I have on the Twenty.

With my other bikes, I usually pump the tires to 65 PSI, including the Thorn, which has Schwalbe Marathon Extreme HS 402 tires on it.
So, today, I decided I will put 65 PSI in Meera's tires.

Well, with that decision, things suddenly became much simpler. 65 PSI for all bikes!

Now, if only the rest of life was that simple ...

Hope you had a great day!

Peace :)

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