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2010 Sanger Fall Ramble

On Dec. 18th, I drove over to Sanger, TX, with Steve of DFWPTP, to participate in the 2011 Sanger Fall Ramble. Chris of Pondero was nice enough to organize the event and provide us clear directions to the event. You may remember my post about last year's ramble. This year's ramble was grander. There were close to 28 participants.

I woke up bright and early at 5 AM to get ready for the event. Shaggy kept me company while I made my breakfast of a grand Green Protein Shake.

The drive to Sanger took use close to an hour. There was even signage for this year's ramble.

When we rolled into Chris's yard, there were already a bunch of folks, fixin' to ramble. I saw some familiar faces from Fort Worth and Dallas.
Not everybody car-pooled, so there were quite a few vehicles!

Mr. Steve!
Chris briefed the ramblers on what to expect, what not to expect, etc.
Out of my own personal curiosity, I made sure to take photos of dudes with considerable beards. Here is Photo # 1 of the beard folks.
Beard Photo # 2.
Technically, Chris's photo (pictured earlier, briefing the peeps) should be considered Beard Photo # 1 :)

I rode my Thorn Nomad MK2 on this ride, unlike last year when I rode my Co-Motion Americano. I wanted a good opportunity to test the bike on gravel and also show it to my friends. I carried my Arkel Bug pannier, in which I carried my lunch, Coconut Juice and snacks (2 small apples, 2 bananas, raw almonds and cashews). One of the bananas got a bit mushed. Oh well...

There were a bunch of fast riders. As usual, I took my own time and enjoyed the ride. Paul was nice enough to ride at my pace all through the ride.
The scenery was pretty much like last year. Lots of cows and horses!
Paul brought his commuter, a Nishiki for this ride. In the background you can see the Thorn Nomad!
One of the breaks! It gave me an opportunity to say hello to another Co-Motion Americano owner.
Paul recently added a SON Dynamo hub to his ride. Here is his dynamo and the front light - a Lumotec IQ Senso Fly! I love SON hubs. The Lumotec lights are great for commuting. My personal favorite is the Edelux.
Riders up ahead in the distance!
Pretty scenery! I love windmills, especially older ones.
One of the riders had a spoke failure. He hung his hat from his seat, which somehow got lodged into this spokes and the next thing you know there are 4 broken spokes and he couldn't ride anymore. He and his buddy ended up waiting for SAG from Mrs. Pondero! Paul and I hung tried to remedy the situation, but in vain. The damage was already done and there's no way to fix the wheel without taking it to a shop.
During the commotion caused by the broken spokes, I accidentally hooked my  Pentax Optio W90 to something other than my belt loop on my shorts. A short while later, I was gonna take a photo, reached for my camera and it wasn't there. But, luckily I remember taking my last photo during the "spokes incident". So, we figured it must have fell off my shorts a short while ago. Paul was kind enough to ride back and fetch it for me. I am thankful to my Higher Powers. The camera worked like a charm, though it took a little beating. I bet it fell at least 4 feet to the ground. It is shock-proof, as claimed by Pentax.

A combination of Green and Gray!
Green, Gray and some Blue! For a good close-up of the no-dumping sign in the picture below, please see Steve's post!
Paul talking to Chris telling him of our whereabouts!
A short while later, we made it to our lunch stop for the day, the infamous Rosston General Store! Paul and I were 3-4 miles behind the fast group, a bit before lunch. But, the fast group took a wrong turn and we made it to the store before them. Steve had gotten there earlier than us, but that doesn't surprise me one bit. Speedy Steve eh? (pun intended)!

During this stop, I ate my lunch and adjusted my front brake cable, which had developed some slack during the rather bumpy ride. I also repositioned my handlebar and tightened them. They also had gotten loose during the ride. I took a picture of the beautiful Blue Co-Motion Americano.

And, there she was, looking as pretty and fit as she did last year!
Some people chose to use Mrs. Ponder's SAG (due to time restrictions) after lunch. Bryan of Trinity Bicycles was one of them. This should be called Beard Photo # 4.
On our ride back to Sanger, Steve had a flat. I must have been listening to Hendrix. Perhaps that might explain the bit of purple in the photo? :)
Mr. Pondero!
Scenic tree-lined country roads! Ah, the joy of not having to deal with fumes from cars!!
The country roads made my shoes all dusty. It is all good!
Tires on the Nomad, pre-Ramble!


Overall, it was a great ride, somewhat demanding because of the gravel and the few steep grades. It was a great day to ride and hang with friends. I had a blast!

Here are the statistics and route! For some reason, I can't get RideWithGPS to give me the same grade info as my GPS. My GPS showed a max. grade of 17%, which I believe is true!

Hope your weekend was a great one also!

Peace :)

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