Sunday, December 26, 2010

Arkel Utility Basket!

I was commissioned with grocery shopping on Christmas Eve. I had a rather lengthy list of items to purchase. However, instead of driving, I chose to ride my bike to Sprouts. As my list was kinda lengthy, I "wisely" carried both the 2010 Arkel Bug and the Arkel Utility Basket (UB) on the bike.
I have had the Arkel Utility Basket for about 4 years now and I would definitely say that it has paid for itself. (Well, it is actually true of any Arkel bag, in my opinion!) I absolutely love the UB. I have delivered a ton of our soaps using this bag. It is of considerable dimensions for a grocery pannier and it has a top pocket , perhaps for the purposes of keeping your valuables handy, carrying your grocery list, etc. I used this pocket to carry the bananas this time. It turned out that storing the bananas in that pocket was a great idea, because the bananas were not squished.
As usual, I ended up buying a few more things than what was on the original list and I ran out of room in my panniers. Luckily, I had kept the tote bag that my Brooks B-135 came in, in the top pocket of the UB. That came in handy. I stuffed the tote bag with as many things as it can possibly hold! Then, I simply used a bungee cord to secure it to my Tubus Logo rear rack. By the way, this was the first time the Brooks Tote Bag ever got used!
Here is a photo of the Brooks Tote Bag!
And, here is a close-up of the graphic with the bicycles that's on the Brooks Tote Bag! (Photo taken in natural light, intentionally!)
And, here is the original UPC from the B-135 purchase! Time for CRM? :)
Hope your holiday was a fun one!

Peace :)

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