Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cannondale T-800 goes to work!

Having a stable of many a velo has its advantages, as we all know. But, sometimes, inadvertently do not ride one of them for a long time. Such was the case of my Cannondale T-800. I hadn't ridden it since my ride to Athens, TX.

So, in order to be a good person, without any specific velo biases, I rode the T-800 to work yesterday. During the holiday season, everything slows down at work and so I simply parked my bike in my cube. This is not my standard Modus Operandi.
 By the way,the plant pictured is the best 3 dollar plant I ever bought. It loves the ambient lighting in my office and has grown to be a really big, lovely plant.

How do you all make sure all your bikes are ridden, regularly?

Peace :)

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