Thursday, December 30, 2010

Mounting Arkel Handlebar Bag on a Bike without Bar-end Shifters!

Recently,a good blogger buddy of mine and I had a chat about mounting the Arkel Handlebar bag on a bike which is not equipped with bar-end shifters. In addition, the bike also had cross-brakes. The combination of having the cross brakes on a bike with drop bars and the added complexity of the presence of cross brakes, eats up a lot of room on the handlebar and makes mounting the handlebar bag somewhat tricky. I wrote about this once before and I believe I have added some more finer points to this post on the same topic. By the way, I don't claim to be a bike guru, but this is how mine is setup.

I attached a Nitto Lamp Holder to the handlebar first. Then, the  Arkel Handlebar bag clamps were attached to the Nitto Lamp Holder. Obviously, Shaggy can vouch for it!
Then, you simply attach the bag to the clamps!
One word of caution: Keep the bag parallel to the ground. Otherwise, IMHO, it can mess with the handling of the bike!
Peace :)

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