Thursday, December 30, 2010

On The Utility of Reflective Safety Vests and Ankle/Knee Reflectors!

I found a link to this great research article on reflective clothing on Vik's page.

Here is the abstract of the paper:
“Visibility limitations make cycling at night particularly dangerous. We previously reported cyclists’ perceptions of their own visibility at night and identified clothing configurations that made them feel visible. In this study we sought to determine whether these self-perceptions reflect actual visibility when wearing these clothing configurations. In a closed-road driving environment, cyclists wore black clothing, a fluorescent vest, a reflective vest, or a reflective vest plus ankle and knee reflectors. Drivers recognised more cyclists wearing the reflective vest plus reflectors (90%) than the reflective vest alone (50%), fluorescent vest (15%) or black clothing (2%). Older drivers recognised the cyclists less often than younger drivers (51% vs 27%). The findings suggest that reflective ankle and knee markings are particularly valuable at night, while fluorescent clothing is not. Cyclists wearing fluorescent clothing may be at particular risk if they incorrectly believe themselves to be conspicuous to drivers at night.”

For the entire paper, you may go here!

Thanks to Vik and the original poster, Aushiker Blog.

Peace :)

PS. Thanks to Richard Wharton, who gave me a pair of Magnetic Ankle Reflectors during the Traffic Skills 101 class. I still got'em and I still use'em, along with my reflective vest!

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