Thursday, December 30, 2010

PSA: Cyclist - Please be courteous and obey the law!

You passed me on my right, on Rodeo Drive, a single lane road, this evening. Just as you were "stealthily" passing me, you probably did not know that I was planning to move over the my right. Had I done that, we would have crashed, although it would not have been because of my fault.

So, I have somethings to ask of you:
  1. Please do not pause other cyclists illegally. 
  2. Please signal as you pass other cyclists. Announce your presence by saying out loud, "On your left". Again, you are not supposed to pass other cyclists on the right.
  3. Please do not run STOP signs. I saw you doing it and I have seen you do this before as well. By running a STOP sign, a) you are breaking the law, b) you are increasing your probability of being in a crash with another vehicle and c) you are giving the other thousands of law-abiding cyclists like me, a bad reputation. By the way, I know another cyclist in Irving, who recently was fined a large sum of money for running a STOP sign by the Police.
You know who you are from your photo below.

Thanks for your attention to this matter!

Peace :)

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