Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Please don't take your frustration out on me!

It was a great day to ride, go to work, put in my time, do some brainstorming, go to meetings, all that good stuff!

On the way back from work tonight, I was on La Villita headed northerly. I saw a car at least a quarter mile in my rear view mirror. I was on the right lane on this two lane road and I figured the car would pass me soon using the left lane. Boy was I wrong!

The driver waited till the left lane ended, gunned his engine, swerved in order to avoid me and the median  (and I really hope that it was not an erroneous move on the driver's part that he missed me), pulled into my lane, slowed down to 2-3 mph, blocked my way, and rolled down his window. Here I am wondering if the guy is gonna pull out a gun and shoot me or something. So, I am preparing myself for the worst, perhaps yet to come. The guy talks to me in a relatively calm voice. "So, I just wanted to show you how it feels to have a slow moving vehicle in front of you on the road. I guess you are trying to make a point and I just wanted to make mine". I simply retorted saying, "Sir, I have every right to be on this road as you do". Before I even finish my sentence, the guy guns his engine and takes off into oblivion.

Below is a map of where the incident took place!

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Soon as the car left, I rode into the Campion Trail parking lot right away to avoid any other conflicts. I felt shook-up. I thought this was going to be a nasty incident. I felt very hurt and scared at the same time. I was angry for a little while, but I cooled off soon. I could not pull out my camera which was in my shorts pocket and turn it on before the guy pulled in front of me and obstructed my way.

Here are my thoughts/questions to this mid-50s Caucasian male driving a White Chrysler Sebring Soft-Top coupe (just in case you or someone you know who you told tonight's incident to, reads my blog):
  1.  If I could have gone faster, don't you think I would have?
  2. The roadways in America are for people's use. It is not against the law to ride my bicycle on the road, in a vehicular manner.
  3. Exactly what was your point? Was it that a bicycle can not travel as fast as a fast-moving car?
And, finally a plea: Share the road with other vehicles. Bicycles are vehicles. If you are having a bad day, don't take it out on someone else.

Even though you scared the living daylights out of me, albeit for a short while tonight, I will continue to ride the roadways, in a vehicular manner, following the rules of the road.

I don't agree with you on where bicycles should ride and should not ride. And, most importantly, I didn't appreciate you trying to jeopardize my life. But I forgive you!

May God bless you! May you have some much-needed peace of mind!!

Peace :)

PS. I think I need a camera mounted on the handlebar.

PPS. I am not to put a fine point on the guy's race. I simply want others who live in town, who read my blog to be wary of this guy.

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