Saturday, February 12, 2011


In some sense, I guess I have become Texanized. That's right, you heard me say that!

While I have commuted extensively and regularly since 2007*, I have not ridden in super-cold, freezing-donkey temps since Jan-Feb. 2008, when I was still in St. Louis, Missouri.

I rode to work M-W this week and Wednesday was a very cold day. I think the low on Wednesday was around 12 degrees F. I didn't feel terrible riding into work on Wednesday. But the ride back home was not fun. I felt my hands were gonna freeze and fall off. I couldn't feel'em after a while.

Here is some of the gear I used:

I tried beating the frigid 15 degree weather on my morning commute with my Pearl Izumi AmFib gloves. They didn't help much. I was in fact warmer with the Manzella Wind-Stopper gloves and the glove liner. I guess the former provided better insulation due because of the layering? What do you guys think?

This made me think about all those who ride in frigid temps all over the world and especially my blog buddies from up North. You guys are very dedicated.

I have become Texanized and I am not liking riding in below zero temps, at least for now. Who knows what the future has in store for me?

Warm wishes to y'all!

Peace :)

*I have not included my pre-1997 days in Missouri and Canada, when I was car-free.

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