Monday, May 30, 2011

Adventures of Brahma : Out and about

On Saturday, the day after Brahma's arrival, we rode to REI Dallas, a trip of about 10 miles one-way from home. The winds were gusting pretty heavily from the south and I was headed kinda east, so I only had to endure crosswinds.

In addition to going out for a nice ride, my main objective was to ask Michael at REI if he would give me any pointers on how to get the right arm of the rear brake lever to get closer to the rim on the dual-pivoted cantilever brake on Brahma, which I inadvertently caused to move away from the rim, the night before. Well, to cut the long story short, the rear mudguard was rubbing on the wheel, which I mistook for the brake rubbing and I ended-up loosening the rear brake cable, which caused the right brake arm to move away from the time, which I did not know how to fix, having never worked with cantilever brakes before, etc., etc., etc.....Well, you guys get the idea...:)

Michael being the expert techie he is, took one look at it and simply asked me to apply pressure on the right brake arm to bring it closer to the rim. Well, while I felt considerably naive, it was a relief. Thanks, Michael :)
Under Michael's supervision, I made the adjustments to the rear brake myself and it is all good now.

So, basically my main objective at REI was accomplished in roughly 10 minutes and then I browsed around a bit. And, after that I ate my lunch under a tree, in the true tradition of a Velo Tourist :)
After lunch, I rode around Farmers Branch, enjoying the sun and having fun spending time with Brahma.
Here is a quick look at Brahma's cockpit, with the Brompton T-Bag attached to the front. There wasn't a whole lot in the bag. This bag has a 24 litre capacity, if I am not mistaken. I only had my tool bag in it.
Brahma - rockin' out in Farmers Branch! Part I
Brahma - rockin' out in Farmers Branch! Part II
Brahma - rockin' out in Farmers Branch! Part III
Brahma - rockin' out in Farmers Branch! Part IV

Brahma - rockin' out in Farmers Branch! Part V. This method of making a Brompton stand is called Parking a Brompton!! Perhaps the terminology is not very surprising, but the method is quite ingenious. You do not need a kickstand.
Close-up of the Schlumpf Speed Drive!
Close-up of the fine brazing job on Brahma!
Close-up of the front fork and the SON dynamo hub!
Brooks B-17 in all it glory!
A close-up of the Brompton BWR SA 3-speed hub. Still very clean :)
A close-up of the Brompton 2-speed derailleur system. 3 speed IGH x 2 rear cogs affords Brahma the 6 speeds. There is more information on the gearing here.
Brahma was so lovely that even these beautiful ducks decided to befriend us!
Light at the end of the tunnel!
Shall we name this the "Tunnel of Love"? :)

After hanging out in Farmers Branch, we headed back to Irving. On the way back, we stopped for quick minute to check out the newly-opened Burke Natural Reserve along Valley View Lane (@ George Bush Turnpike). This area is better suited for a off-road bike, so we didn't explore the area very much.
When we came back home, Rambo was delighted to see us. He even posed for the camera.

Lovely Rambo!

It was a great day to be out and riding! Hope your day was a great one too!!

That's all folks!

Peace :)

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