Monday, May 30, 2011

Bicycle Maintenance: Derailluer Maintenance

On May 26, I took the Advanced Bicycle Maintenance class offered by REI. The class was all about derailluers.
There were four students, including me, in the class. Micheal was our instructor.

The extent of my knowledge was more or less limited to knowing how to use the barrel adjusters to make the gears work properly. I knew of a few other terminology and concepts, but I had never had to use'em. So, I really didn't know them for sure. If it was anything beyond the barrel adjusters, I needed a mechanic.

This class was very hands-on. I took Gikma to the class to get her all tuned-up.

Topics covered in this class included:
  1. Derailleur jargon
  2. Brands of derailleurs (grades within each brand)
  3. How to check for a bent derailleur hanger
  4. How to remove the rear derailleur
  5. How to fix a bent derailleur hangar using the derailleur hanger straightening tool (I had to fix mine!)
  6. How to adjust the Hi, Lo screws in order to optimize the rear derailleur
  7. How/what does the B-screw on the rear derailleur do?
  8. How to optimize the front derailleur
This class was very hands-on. Not only did we have to understand the concepts in theory, but we had to demonstrate that we understood the concepts precisely. We had to mess up our existing derailleur settings (and make them worse) and bring them back to their optimal state. This was a great class, perhaps the best bicycle maintenance class I have taken so far.

So, if you are in the market for a hands-on derailleur maintenance class, check out the one offered by REI. It is totally worth-it!

Peace :)

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