Friday, May 20, 2011

Irving Bike Fest

Last weekend, I volunteered for the Irving Bike Fest. The event took place at Centennial Park at the intersection of Irving Boulevard and O'Connor, in the Historic District. It was simply a really beautiful day. The wind was a bit stiff and blew from the North and hence it was a bit chilly in the morning, but nothing that riding hard couldn't fix :)

I met several friends at the Bike Fest. Some of them were here last year as well!
There were all kinds of bikes at the fest.
While at the fest, I made sure to check out the bikes of the Police Officers and the EMT!
There was even television crew at the fest. They interviewed my friend Gail.
Gail's familia showing off their High Wheel prowess!
Did I mention I love dogs? :)
Gail and familia!
Irving has many a canal, all of which are sourced from the Trinity River.
Canal view! Simply lovin' it!
Trash --- makes me wanna puke!
Bridge across the canal...
It was actually a bit chilly in the shade here!
I liked this restroom/shelter at Centennial Park!
Yet another view of the canal and the multi-purpose trail!
A tree commemorating some important folks!
I love this bridge...
After the Bike Fest, I headed down Irving Boulevard to "Years To Your Health".
"Years To Your Health" is a family owned herb business, right in the heart of Irving. If I am not mistaken, this store has been around for quite a few years. I stopped to get some supplies for making soap.
"All that riding" made me hungry, so I stopped at Taj Chaat House at Rochelle and MacArthur to get lunch. I ordered Rava Masala Dosa, a crepe made of Semolina, stuffed with Potato Curry, served with Sambar and Coconut Chutney. Yummy!
While at the Bike Fest, I ran into Josh who works at The Bike Shop at Las Colinas. On the way to the Bike Fest, my parked bike was blown down by the wind and the left brake hood got moved inward. Having never had to muck with it before, I didn't know how to fix it and Josh came in handy. So, I promised him that I will stop by and check out the shop. And, I did!
The Bike Shop at Las Colinas has a reasonable selection of fairly inexpensive bikes. Per Josh, they want to sell bikes that most people can afford and so they do sell some of the brands that big-box stores carry, but they do assemble them much better and do service them very well.
I am yet to see Reelight for cheaper than this at a LBS.
My kinda Ferrari :)
Black Kitty was still waiting for me on the driveway, when I returned home :)

Hope you too are enjoying your time on the bicycle!

Peace :)

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