Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pictures from Ride to Dallas Earth Day!

I volunteered for the 2011 Dallas Earth Day. Here are some of the pictures I thought were worth sharing.

SMU Campus: Nice Horse Statue!
After passing through SMU campus, I hopped on the KT Trail to get to downtown Dallas. Here I am, en route to downtown. I was glad I learned about these road hazards for bicyclists during my TS 101 class - I am talking about the street car tracks! When I had my first encounter with them, back in St. Louis, I was also learning to use clipless pedals and shoes for the first time. I guess I did the practicum prior to the theory :)
I think I was on Harwood, here. It was closed. So, I had to take a small detour to reach Flora.
The first remarkable cyclist I met at the Earth Day. Thanks for keeping us all safe, Mr. Policeman :) And, cool yellow bike BTW!
Urban Forest display!
The next so many photos are random photos of the various booths at the Earth Day Festival. If there were any bikes to be photographed, I made sure I got them.

A partial view of the Beehive Recycling Display. I volunteered to work at this spot.
Here is a better look at the the Beehive Recycling Display. My job was to answer questions about the display and help people put the bottles in a slot, if they needed help with it. I think most people figured out how to do that on their own. I got the occasional question from a thirsty person if there was any drinking water in them bottles!
Many a vendor/outfit was selling their Earth Friendly products. Here is TXU Energy's booth!
Chevy Volt --- lots of people stopped by at this cube!
The cool bug that entertained the guests at the Earth day festival. This bug was a very tall one too!
Lady in a Catrike! I talked to this friendly bicyclist for a while. She had a Catrike Speed and was telling me all about it. I considered the Catrike Expedition before getting the Thorn Nomad. It was nice to see people riding to the event!
Lycra cyclists!
Tesla Roadster, I presume! I wonder what it takes to be "this Earth Friendly" :)
Cool transport for the Earth Day visitors!
Pirates --- even they are earth friendly :)
I parked my bicycle inside the Trammel Center. This photo was taken right outside the Asian Museum.
I ran into a DART employee who was riding this cool full-size folder. He was kind enough to help me with a shortcut to get back to the KT Trail.
It was certainly nice to have the police regulating traffic for the event.

The building with the hole in the top. That's what I called this building when I saw it first. It is time to find out what this building is really called. I can see this one from Irving, pretty tall one!
Random shot of buildings and traffic!
Treats from La Madeline. The banana got a bit beat-up, oh well :)
I got stuck in thunderstorm on my way back. There were even some tornadoes in Fort Worth, headed towards Irving. I didn't get stuck in the hailstorm, but I sure got rained on a bit, which was in a way refreshing, after a hot day in DFW!
I meant to post this soon as I was back from the Earth Day Festival. I have been busy with bunch of other stuff, including work. But here is the post, finally!

Hope all is well with you!

Peace :)

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