Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Trailer Talk!

Over the weekend, I rode to Home Depot to get some molding wood for making soap molds. The pieces I bought were 8' long and I had the folks at Home Depot cut the wood into somewhat manageable size pieces, so I can haul'em on my bike rack. But still, they were a bit unwieldy.
May be it is time to consider one of these...a Burley Flatbed Trailer
or this one...the Burley Travoy
Here is another neat use of the Travoy Trailer!

The Travoy looks like a compactly folding trailer that could for instance be used to carry work related gear like laptop bag, in addition to carrying other stuff like groceries. The Travoy might also make a great trailer for carrying one's folding bike carrying case (hard shell case for the folder). However, I am not certain it would be the best fit for carrying lumber and such from Home Depot.

Do you have a trailer? Do you have any suggestions? I would love to hear your POV! Thanks in advance!!

Peace :)

 Photos of Burley trailers courtesy of Burley Trailers!

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