Monday, May 30, 2011

Uvex XP-100 retrofitted!

Having multiple bikes for multiple purposes is fun and all, but if you use them at night, it is imperative that they be equipped with proper lighting. Almost all my bikes have dynamo-powered lighting, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, I like to have a back-up battery-powered taillight as well. I used to move the taillight to the bike I ride in the past and it worked quite well, but it was not flawless:
  1. I have been known to be forgetful and not move the light to the bike I rode on a given day
  2. Quickly-detachable lights are also an invitation to misfits
  3. I had to replicate the mounting brackets on multiple bikes, so I can swap them. Although, in the case of the Dinotte 140R-AA, there wasn't a need for mounting brackets as the system mounted to the seat-post using an elastic band. But then, I have bikes with differing seat post diameters...well, you get the idea :)
So, I embarked on integrating my battery-powered taillights into my helmet setup. I have done this sorta thing in the past. Later, I changed my mind about it, and now I am back at it again.

The two black pouches that you see on either side of the helmet hold the battery packs. Each one contains 4 AA batteries.
In the rear of the helmet are the Dinotte 140R-AA and the Planet Bike Superflash Turbo.
Lots of silver night-reflective tape to increase frontal and side visibility!
Close-up of the set-up! Do you see the Dinotte 200L-AA-S , just below the battery pack on the right side of the helmet? I use this light to try to notify traffic (merging onto the road that I am on) of my presence. Phew, that was a painful-to-coin sentence :)
The front of the helmet lit-up by the flash. Photo taken in partial darkness.
The rear of the helmet, flash photo! The little circles/dots of reflective tape you see were created using a hole-punch. This was my friend Michael's idea! Thanks, Michael :)
I am yet to test the new helmet setup in traffic. I will let you know if there any surprises.

Peace :)

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