Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whouda thunked?

Last Saturday, I attended the Basic Bike Maintenance Class at REI Dallas. The class was taught by REI's Jerry. I thought he did a great job of teaching that class. I learned some new things and I was glad I took the time to register for the free class.

I missed the first ten minutes of the class as my prior errand took longer than expected. Here is what was covered during the time I was there:
  1. Lubing derailleur cables
    • detailed instructions on how to create slack in the cables were provided
    • the 8 important pivot points which should be lubed were clearly identified
    • difference between the looks of Shimano v. SRAM derailleurs was explained
    • step-by-step, the entire process was demonstrated
  2. Lubing brake cables
    • step-by-step, the entire process was demonstrated
    • an explanation for the little donuts in the brake cable, atop the top-tube was provided: apparently they act like shock-absorbers
  3. Lubing the chain
    • types of lubes (wet v. dry) were explained
    • the lubing of the chain was clearly demonstrated
    • de-greasing of the chain was explained
  4. Changing a flat
    • types of valves were explained
    • patching process was demonstrated
    • types of patches (easy v. conventional) were explained
    • boots and alternatives to boots were explained
Things I would have liked to seen:
  1. I wasn't sure a lot of the students knew how to take the rear wheel off the bike. However, they were instructed to take a spare tube, which is a good idea, given someone else might do the changing of the tube for them.
  2. Instructions on how to change a brake pad might have been very useful.
  3. Some instructions on safety (lights, helmets, reflective clothing, etc) would have been nice, but I suppose that doesn't fall under the category of Basic Bike Maintenance.
Hope your week is going well!

Peace :)

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