Saturday, June 25, 2011

Brahma goes to the Library!

In a recent post in my other blog, GreenComotion, I had asked my readers for their suggestions for a good bicycling related book. There were some very good suggestions. Today, Brahma and I went on a very special mission to the Irving Public Library to find some of these books.

When we got to the library, we noticed that there were a couple of bikes parked in the bike rack outside the library. These were probably bikes that belonged to some of the kids. We figured as much from the looks and the brands.

We figured we will take a chance going in as a team. So, I folded Brahma, carried the T-Bag on my shoulder, and with the helmet still on my head, walked right in to the library, rolling Brahma right along on the skate wheels. No one seemed to worry! I know the library officials saw us walking in, but no one bothered us. Part of me wonders if they did not know what to think of it, or if they did not realize that Brahma, in the folded state, was a bicycle.
Once inside the library, we found a computer which allowed us to access the library catalog and began our search for four books: 1-2) Cycling Past 50 and Cyclecraft, recommended by Steve), 3) Two Wheels and a Taxi, recommended by PA, and 4) It's All About the Bike, suggested by Chris. The Irving Public Library system only had Cycling Past Fifty available, but that too was in circulation. I placed a request for it.

Cyclecraft, It's All About the Bike and Two Wheels and a Taxi were only available through Inter-library Loan.
However, due to system glitches, I could not place a request for them today. Not just that inconvenience, but I could not even access a few hyperlinks that were on the landing page. I will be contacting the person in-charge of the Inter-library loans on Monday, in this regard.
Once our business concluded at the library, Brahma and I headed back home. We did not venture out elsewhere, as we had other plans.

Hope your day was a great one!

Peace :)

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