Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Long Way Home!

For the past two days, after work, I have been taking the long route home. As I am still learning the intricacies of Brahma, I decided I will simply ride the Campion Trail (paved trail) in Irving. Riding the trail adds another 6 miles to my route. While I would like more tress along the trail, so the sun doesn't beat down so harshly on the trail users, I still enjoy this trail and the tranquility many parts of it offer. In particular, I like hanging out by the "Bird Watching Area". There are so many Blue Herons and White Cranes along the Trinity River, which flows along the trail. These birds definitely make it worth visiting the Campion.

View from the cockpit! I don't care for the zoom feature in point and shoot digital camera, especially for shooting nature. I tried to use the feature here, minimally, to photograph the White Crane. Can you spot it?

Majesty of a White Crane in flight, albeit pictured very small! I need to spend a few hours here with my telephoto lens :)

Have a great rest of the week!

Peace :)

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