Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thank you, Christine!

I ordered a Carradice Long Flag Camper and Saddlebag SQR Uplift from Wallingford Bicycles to add as rear luggage on Brahma. The bag arrived a few days after Brahma arrived. The SQR system is a quick-release system that allows you to attach/remove the bag off the seat pillar, very quickly. This feature is especially useful to have on a folding bike like Brahma. In a Brompton, particularly, it is much easier to attach the SQR system to a telescopic seat pillar than a standard seat pillar. Attaching the SQR to a standard seat pillar prohibits the seat pillar from retracting all the way. If you have a telescopic seat pillar, you can attach the SQR to the telescopic seat pillar and still retract the seat pillar all the way down.

Rambo practicing his Taguchi : inspecting the goods, to make sure everything is to specification!
Installing the SQR Uplift on Brahma's Telescopic Seat pillar was a piece of cake. The installation took about 5 minutes, tops
Yet another view of the Carradice Long Flag Camper, installed using the SQR uplift.
The bag looks great and is quite spacious. I haven't used it for shopping or carrying stuff to work yet. Between the Brompton T-Bag and the Carradice Long Flag Camper, I bet I will be able to carry all of what I need for a S24O.

My bag was personally handcrafted by Christine of Carradice. Thanks, Christine, for a job well done!
Given the 98+ degree temps in DFW, I doubt I will dare do a S24O before it cools off, unless we get some good rains and the temps really drop...Now, that would be a welcome change, if you ask me :)

Hope your weekend is going well!

Peace :)

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