Saturday, June 25, 2011

Two Year Review: Snow Peak French Coffee Press

I bought my Snow Peak Titanium French Press two years ago. I have used it on two or three bike camping trips I have taken so far. In addition to taking it on these trips, I have also used this Coffee Press at home many times and I am pleased to report that I am quite satisfied with it.

After two years of use, I wholeheartedly recommend this device!
My observations/thoughts/recommendations:
  1. This is a ultra light Coffee Press.
  2. Use coarsely ground coffee. If you grind the beans too fine, you will likely get some of the grounds in your brew.
  3. Use a very soft sponge to clean the Coffee Press. Abrasive sponges/widgets will scratch the coffee press.
  4. Wash the Coffee Press by hand. I do not wash mine in the dishwasher.
  5. Do not depress the Coffee Press's plunger device too fast as it is likely to make the hot brew spew on your hands.
  6. Use a plastic or wooden spoon to stir the coffee if you use the Coffee Press as your coffee mug. Metal spoons/widgets may scratch the Coffee Press.
  7. The Coffee Press can be used to heat up the water, although I prefer heating up the water in a separate pot.
  8. Store the Coffee Press in its sleeve after use.
Enjoy your java, your cycle and the great outdoors!

Peace :)

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