Monday, July 4, 2011

2011 Irving Independence Day Parade

Brahma and I participated in the 2011 Irving Independence Day Parade in Irving's Historic district this morning. Brahma was decorated for the occasion.

We were to ride behind Float # 16 at the parade. Float # 16 was the "Environmental Awareness/Green" float! It turned out that there were only three bicycle riders (official riders in the parade). I did see a few other cyclists.
We left home at 7 AM and rode the Campion Trail to get to O'Connor. The trail had quite a few users on it. I am sure they were trying to avoid getting baked in the hot Texas sun later.
When I got to the venue, the place was hoppin'. They even had some very cool clowns. The skating monkey (and the skating bear) were very entertaining. I am sure the kids loved them. I did!
Float # 16, in all its glory!
DART Bus # 19!
Cool vintage looking car. I chatted with the owner and he told me all about it.

It ran on gas, using a lawnmower engine. That's not bad, for a toy!

Frant instructing school kids who volunteered to pass out various goodies during the parade.
Ambassadors of the environment!
More ambassadors of the environment!
The second rider in the parade. This gentleman was a teacher and was very nice to talk to.
What's a parade without a marching band? I felt sorry for these kids carrying all the heavy music equipment though. It was getting to be quite hot by the time the parade began at 9 AM.
The guy who rode the Trek below did not ride it in the parade, but he rode it to the parade and he was a volunteer, who manned certain stations on our float. Trek aluminum bike? Hmmm...
The grandest participant of all, my little buddy...
The super-cool skating bear and her companion.
I didn't get a close-up of the dude that was sitting in this float/car. He was a President Obama look-alike.
There were some Model T cars at the parade. These autos add flair to parades.
I was quite hot during the parade. You see the fountain in the distance? When our float reached that fountain I was so wanting to go jump in the fountain.
There were a total of 90 odd floats at the parade. I was glad I was behind Float # 16.
Some super cool Mexican dancers. The music that the band in the truck was playing was very nice. Unfortunately, my knowledge of Mexican music is quite limited and so I can't tell you what kind it was. But believe me, it was awesome :)
The band that played the Mexican dance music.
Little horse. I hope he got to drink lots of water.
Hot Dog --- I mean Grey Hound!
Soon as our float completed the parade, I started heading back home. On the way back, hid in the shade around the canal in downtown Las Colinas.
Canal view # 1
Canal view # 2.
Canal view # 3. This area is popular for wedding photographers. I see many a couple getting their wedding photos taken here.
After hanging out in downtown Las Colinas, I took the trail back home.

I had a great time at the parade. There were somethings that could have been done better:
  1. I think handing out the candy during the parade might have been better than throwing it from the floats. Candy was simply thrown out from several floats and many a piece did not reach its intended audience. There was a lot of candy on the streets. I suppose it can be cleaned-up, but why waste?
  2. I saw several copies of the Constitution on the streets during the parade. I picked-up each one of them and handed them to people who wanted them. Constitution lying on the street? That to me is definitely not cool. Perhaps the organizers would consider a more careful approach to the dispersal of our Constitution.
  3. There were not enough portable toilets around the parade area. It was a very hot day and if people were to keep hydrated, they would also need a bathroom. Something to consider for the next year?
  4. There was no water fountain along the parade route. Having portable water fountains would be a great addition. I think it is better than handing out bottled water.
  5. I had the American Flag on my bike and no one honked at me today. I do not know if it was because there was not enough traffic on the road or because Brahma was decorated properly. But I felt very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in a very important celebration, for the first time.
Hope you had a great day as well!

Happy American Independence Day!!

Peace :)

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