Sunday, July 17, 2011

Chillin' out, inside the house!

Too hot to ride long distances, but there is always lots of fun things to do indoors! So, today, I ran an errand or two and worked home projects.

I can say I had good supervision!
Shaggy has finally calmed down and I think he has accepted Chaka as a part of the pack!
Chaka sleeps like a rock, usually. But today, she was awake much of the day. She will probably sleep in tomorrow.
Although, still a puppy, Chaka is very vigilant. She even barks at the dishwasher, which starts running around 0230 hours :)
Shaggy is deep in always! A real Ph. D. (Professional Herding Dog) :)
It was relaxing day. We watched Creation tonight. Very nice movie! Thanks for suggesting it, OF!

Hope your day was relaxing and fun!

Peace :)

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