Sunday, July 17, 2011

Errands with Brahma

I went shopping with Brahma today. The first stop was Home Depot, where we got some Duct Tape other super-important handyman stuff. I used Brahma as my shopping cart and I did get some complements. I didn't have a lot to haul. If I had to, I would have taken my MKII or Gikma.
The next stop was PetSmart. I needed to get a teething toy for Chaka and of course one for Shaggy too. Normally, I ride my MKII to PetSmart to carry home dog food and I would usually park my bike right around the front of the store. But today, I didn't have to park my bike upfront, but I rolled it right now. No trouble, but lots of complements.

When I got back home, Black Kitty was waiting for me at the door. He doesn't seem to mind the heat, but I think he too gets way too tired after hanging out in the heat too long. It is good to be protected by an Angel, isn't it? :)
Now, it is time to figure out how to spoil those two pups :)
Hope your weekend is fun!

Peace :)

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