Friday, July 1, 2011

PSA: Irving Texas Independence Day Parade

4th of July Parade in downtown Irving (off Rock Island, between O’Connor and Sowers roads – across from Joe’s Coffee Shop and the car wash).

Please arrive at the float no later than 8:30 AM. The parade will begin at 9 and we should be done around 10:30 AM. This year, we will be walking and riding bicycles. Please feel free to decorate your bikes! Bottled water will be provided, but a reusable container is recommended. Those walking will be carrying signs with environmental conservation tips, handing out hand fans, and tossing some reusable shopping bags. Also, sunblock and hats would definitely be a plus! 
Wear comfortable shoes to walk a total of 2 miles. 
There are a couple of key additional details you need to know if you are participating in the parade.

1.  You may not ride a bicycle in the parade unless you wear a helmet.  No helmet - no bike riding - no exceptions.
2.  NO FLIP FLOPS. Tennis shoes are preferable. Sandals are acceptable, but NO FLIP FLOPS.
3.  Dress festive and feel free to decorate your bicycle.
If you and/or others can make it…please contact Fran Witte here or call 972-742-2296.  

Please encourage others to show up! 

Peace :)
Freedom is invaluable, perhaps the biggest asset that one can ever hope to possess!

Approximate location of the event:

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