Sunday, August 14, 2011

Passenger with Seatbelt fastened

Brahma and I took a ride (in a car, that's right) to see our buddy Sam, in Frisco, TX.
Brahma has not taken a drive anywhere in our sedan before and it was quite exciting for Brahma, even though we do not have a working a/c in this auto. Let's just say we are working on making the a/c work; the auxiliary a/c fan is busted and needs to be replaced. However, yesterday was a cold day in Texas - it was only 85 degrees when we drove :)

We chose to drive because we had some stuff to bring back. You can see what we brought back, here.

We are not opposed to driving in a car when we have a situation that warrants the use of an automobile. We prefer not to drive, if we don't have to for two reasons: 1) it is environmentally friendly not to drive when it is not necessary and 2) it is often lot more fun to ride.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Peace :)

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