Sunday, August 28, 2011

Scenes from a morning bike ride

I am not a morning person and I am perfectly cool with it. This summer has been really hot here in North Texas and I have not been able to ride any longer rides, because by the time I am fully awake on weekend mornings, it is already too hot to go for a long ride. There are some who do it, in spite of the heat, but I simply don't care to ride in such intense heat. Some of my blogger friends from North Texas have been posting about their early morning rides and that motivated me to get out of bed early this morning and go for a 30 mile ride. I have ridden more than 11 miles in a long time.

I got up around 6:15 AM and I was out the door by 6:50 AM, a record for me! The sun was starting to rise in the east and the temperature was in the low 80s, I think. It was actually pleasant.
Another view of the sunrise! At this point, I headed west towards DFW Airport. My plan was to go down West Bethel road and then go east on Royal to get to Campion Trail.
The roads were deserted and that gave me plenty of opportunity to stop pretty much wherever I wanted, safely, and take some photos. Since the day I got Brahma, late in May 2011, I have not ridden the Americano. I rode the Thorn MKII a couple of times, when I went to Home Depot, but since I hadn't gone on any long rides since May, the Americano wasn't ridden much. But today changed that and it was very pleasant to ride Gikma. Here is Gikma, posing proudly near the railroad tracks in Coppell.

On my way to Campion, I stopped at work to use the facilities and fill-up my water bottles. When I got to Campion, there were hardly any riders, initially. My buddy, McCrane was there though; patiently waiting for the right opportunity!
I rode all the way to the southern end of the Campion and then headed back towards home. There are many exercise stations, with exercise equipment, on the trail. I seldom see anyone using these. I stopped at the rowing machine today and exercised for about ten minutes before heading north towards home.
Recently, a new section of Campion Trail was opened, which heads further north into Valley Ranch, along the Elm Fork of the Trinity River. This section was opened this summer, I believe. I had not checked it out before and so I decided to do just that today. The new section is exceptionally nice; will be better once they plant lots of shady trees along the new section of the trail.
If you simply ride the trail at top speed, you will miss many a pleasant view and many wonders of mother nature, such as this one pictured below. To see this, you will have to dismount and walk down a steep bank to the tip of the Elm Fork. Lots of the McCrane family can be seen hanging out here as well. This is one place I want to go back to with my telephoto lens.
McCrane and Co, Irving, Texas :)

McCrane & Company - in an on-site meeting with Ducks & Co!
I told ya - you have to dismount to enjoy all the fine features of the trail!
More sections of the Campion are not yet open to the public, such as the one pictured below. When all sections are open, I believe the Campion will be a substantial trail system!
I had my doubts about an early morning ride, given my laziness. But, I found this morning's ride to be a very delightful one. Perhaps, I will try doing this next weekend as well.

Hope your weekend was a fun one!

Peace :)

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