Sunday, September 11, 2011

37 + 30 = 67 - no fuzzy math here!

Yesterday was a very busy day for me. I ran a bunch of errands on my bikes. The first trip was to Home Depot and I brought home a big bag of birdseed and a weed-wacker.
The second trip was to make my guardians of our home happy. This took hauling roughly 70 LBS of dog food on the MKII. I have hauled 40 LBS of dog food before, but this was the first time I hauled 70 LBS. I wasn't hard, but...
Hauling 70 LBS of cargo on the rear rack, wasn't exactly too easy. Securing the bags to the rack and distributing the weight equally to both sides of the rack wasn't an easy task, especially given the cargo moved a bit during transit. This made the bike a bit unsteady, especially on the 7 degree descent on the way back home. Thank God I had good brakes!

Don't get me wrong - the Thorn Nomad MKII is a phenomenal bike and is capable of carrying quite a bit of cargo as a loaded touring cycle, in panniers. But, carrying two large sacks of dog food on the rear rack is not the best challenge for the MKII, shall we say?

How was your weekend?

Peace :)

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