Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cucumber Pachidi

For dinner last night and lunch today, I made several dishes. One of the new ones was Cucumber Pachidi. Pachidi is a dish of yogurt mixed with chopped up vegetables. Many times, Pachidi is garnished with mustard seeds, curry leaves and cilantro.

Grate 3 Persian cucumbers (any young cucumber will do).
In a large dish, mix the grated cucumbers to one or two cups of natural yogurt.
Garnish with spluttered mustard seeds, fried urad dal (white lentils), cilantro and chopped ginger.
Add salt to taste!
In addition to the Cucumber Pachidi, I prepared Spicy Red Lentils, Green Beans Paruppu Usili, Cabbage Curry, and Spinach Kootu.

Last seen on an unsuspecting plate with a pair of parathas, as shown below :)

Bon appetit' :)

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