Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cycling Savvy - Part 2

Today, Steve A of DFWPTP and I drove to Dallas to attend Part 2 of the Cycling Savvy course. Our class started at 8 AM and driving our bicycles to the class wasn't a convenient option, especially given the starting time. On Friday, Steve and I took Part 1 of the Cycling Savvy class, and you can read about it here and here.

The two specific segments covered in Part 2 of the Cycling Savvy course were 1) Train Your Bike, during which we practiced many vital cycling skills, in a controlled way, in a parking lot,  and 2) Tour Dallas during which we put to practice many of the skills learned in the earlier parts of the course.

If I had to describe this class in just three words, I would say, "Holy Amazing Spokes". This was one heck of a cycling class.

Things that I loved about this class are:
  1. We spent a few hours doing Parking Lot drills, such as Instant Turn, Quick Stop, etc, which are taught in other traffic cycling classes such as the TS101. However, things that many commuting cyclists may be familiar with, such as fixing a flat tire, were omitted. I liked this aspect, especially given the plethora of resources for such information, both online and offline at LBS. 
  2. Situations presented to the students were real and very practical. We were briefed very clearly and thoroughly on what to expect and what to do (and possible alternatives) for each of the situations. We drove our bicycles through some of the busiest intersections of Dallas, including places where there were on-ramps and off-ramps, with our finely honed skills and the crystal-clear information learned freshly in the class, negotiating proactively with automobiles. While the TS101 and LCI certification other fine features, I don't believe this type of training was available in the TS101 and in the LCI certification.
  3. I have never been to a cycling class where there was a hands-on demonstration of the dreaded door zone. Below you can see Keri, the co-author of the Cycling Savvy course, demonstrating the same to us, students! How much better can a traffic cycling class get?

I did not see anything in Day 2 of the Cycling Savvy class that I did not like. Things were so well designed and executed even some "grumpy" students cheered up!
In all, we had a blast. The class was simply great!

Below are some random photos from the class! Enjoy!!

Richard - talking about a possibly random, but nevertheless important topic :)
Keri - fixing to teach her students the next important skill!

Practicing "shoulder check" - a very vital skill to a cyclist!
Keri - explaining the nuts and bolts of an "Instant Turn". I am telling ya, this woman can draw the entire DFW streets from memory :)
Waco - demonstrating an "Instant Turn".
Our class from today (all but one) - possibly exhausted after the rigorous training, but very much thrilled that we took the Cycling Savvy class.
It was a long day for me and Steve. But, I would say we both agree we had a lot of fun taking the Cycling Savvy class.

Peace :)

LCI # 3059

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