Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Intended 50

Last weekend, on Saturday, I set out to ride to Whiterock Lake with Brahma. It was a reasonably pleasant day and I was really looking forward to the ride. I took the usual route: Valley View Lane to Harvest Hill to Willow to Hillcrest to Medical City to the Whiterock Lake Trail at Royal and Greenville Ave.

I stopped at Starbucks off Forest Lane near Medical City to quench my thirst and use the facilities, as usual. On my way out the coffee shop, just before I got on the trail, I almost ran over the object pictured below. I am so glad that I did not!
The yellow striped line may be new. It is a great addition, IMHO, as I have noticed many a racer-wanna-be driving their bicycles discourteously and dangerously on this trail.

Just in case you didn't know: The signs along the trails, such as the one pictured below, has a number on it, which provides the emergency personnel of your position on the trail. You may be able to see it if you zoom in.
Before too long, I was at Northwest Highway, very close to the lake. I was gonna take the detour and get to the lake, but life had other plans for me. I was starting to experience symptoms akin to the ones you get if you have a kidney infection. I couldn't quite tell if I was, by chance, dehydrated, even though I had consumed close to 60 ounces of water by then.

So, I did what any sane person would do: Call my wife to come get me, while I parked under a tree. And, like always, my wife came to my rescue! Thanks, Mon Chéri!
So, I have been off work for the past 2.5 days. I am much better now, but I was in bad shape Saturday through last evening, with an odd energy boost on Monday morning, which turned out to be a false positive, in a sense. I was bed-ridden much of the time till this morning, which gave me a chance to catch-up on reading more chapters of Effective Cycling. I started feeling much better this morning.

So, had I gotten to the lake and gone around it once and then ridden back home, Brahma would have done his first 50 miles in one ride, ever! That didn't happen, but that's okay.

There is always tomorrow (or next weekend)!

Good health to y'all!

Peace :)

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