Saturday, September 3, 2011

McCrane & Co - Meeting # 2

You may remember me writing about McCrane & Co last weekend. This morning, I took the Thorn MK II and went over to check on McCrane & Co. I didn't want to go for a long ride today, but I wanted to get out earlier in the morning - 7 AM, still early for me :)
I took my Arkel GT-54 rear pannier with me, primarily because I wanted to take my Nikon D-70 DSLR (rolled-up in a bath towel), an extra telephoto lens and my trusty Gitzo tripod with me. For short exposure shots, I am quite good with holding the camera steady, but for longer exposure shooting, especially with a longer lens, I have to use a tripod. I could have used my trekking pole, which has a camera mounting option, but I trust my tripod more than my trekking pole, when it comes to stability!

There wasn't a lot of traffic on the trail, earlier today, but then traffic picked up, considerably. Also, for some inexplicable reason, there were a ton of recumbent bikes on the trail today. I can honestly say I saw at least 10 recumbent bicycles today. That's within a span of two hours. Go figure! I like recumbent bicycles, but I have never seen so many on the trail, here in Irving, TX!

When I got to the usual stomping grounds on McCrane & Co, there were some distant cousins hanging out in shallow waters.

The rest of the gang wasn't too far away either. I saw some Blue Herons, which are some of my favorites. They are especially majestic, in flight!
In addition to the McCranes, I enjoyed watching these birds walk on the surface of water. I think that's quite amazing! I can't name this bird, can you please help me if you know?

Another shot of the mysterious bird that walked on water!
After taking a bunch of photos and enjoying the scenery, I headed back towards home. I wanted to see if the closed-off section had been opened yet, so I rode along the Campion to try to figure that out. That's when I saw this water truck watering --- the pavement? I wasn't exactly sure what they were doing, but given we are on Level 2 alert in Irving, should we not be thrifty about how we use our water reserves?
By the way, the closed-off section is not open yet.
I found a nice unpaved section (construction vehicle access) on my way back. Having ridden the Thorn today, I made sure I rode the unpaved section. Gikma could have handled it very well too!
When I came home, the "Box Cat Rambo" in his new spot. Him and Chako - they got the life :)
I didn't ride a long distance today. But, I got to do something I haven't done in a while: serious photography! I like being one with nature, as much as I can. I got to do it on my bike today. I carried all my gear (both the stuff I needed and the stuff I probably didn't need) on my bike. It wasn't terribly hot, even on my way back home. What more could I ask for?

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend as well!

Peace :)

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