Saturday, September 17, 2011

New thangs in Irving

BIKELID - Seen at the South Irving TRE station! I suppose this could be useful if you wanted to keep your bike out of sight, while you are away.
There was more than one of these BIKELIDs, but none was occupied. I prefer taking my bike on the TRE. But that could be just me!

The picture below shows the instructions for using the BIKELID. I wanted to see if I could, for the heck of it, park Brahma inside a BIKELID. It wasn't easy. The lid of the BIKELID was quite heavy and I had to hold the lid open with one hand and try to park the bike with the other. The lid simply will not stay open to facilitate parking the bike inside the contraption. Could that have been Operator Error? Sure, but ...

Next up: Electric Vehicle charging Stations seen near McDonalads in Historic Irving, right across from the South Irving TRE.

What's next? Bike Maintenance Stations? Or is that my wishful thinking?

Peace :)

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