Saturday, September 24, 2011

PSA: Royal Hazard

I see lots of cyclists (by DFW standards, of course) on Royal Lane, some heading east and some heading west. I ride Royal lane in Irving during my daily work commute. Sometimes, I take Royal on my pleasure rides as well. Royal is a fine road to be on, much of the time.

During today's ride, however, I came across some serious cyclist hazards on Royal --- huge cracks in the asphalt. I have pictured them below, in three pictures, to further emphasize how hazardous these cracks can be. This is on Royal Lane in Irving.

I have a 700x34 Schwalbe Marathon Plus on the front wheel on the Co-Motion Americano. While this is not as wide as the rear tire on this bike, it still ain't no skinny racing road tire. As you can see in the picture below, the crack is wide enough to swallow the whole wheel. Rats!
The rear tire is a Vittoria Randonneur 700x38. Fits right in the crack. Yikes!
And notice that the crack slowly narrows down, further down the road, as seen in the picture below. This is a serious hazard, indeed. A fine way to get one's wheel(s) stuck in this rut and go flyin' over the handlebar.
This is a serious hazard folks. In both lab's cycling courses and Cycling Savvy's course, they do talk about road hazards like these: you got at'em at an angle and minimize the chances that you wheels get stuck in the rut. One can talk about these until the cows come home, but in real life the best way to avoid them is to be vigilant. When riding, scan the road surface ahead for hazards, often!

These cracks are on Royal Lane near Freeport, just before getting to Freeport, when you are headed east on Royal.

I suppose I would be alright if I was driving a car or riding the Thorn MKII, which have wider tires than my Americano. But most road bikes don't.

Be safe out there!

Peace :)

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