Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Chance for Good Karma

It is not often that I go out to lunch during weekdays, but yesterday was different. I went with my friend Carrie to New Start Veggie Garden. If you are in my neck of the woods, check'em out. Their food is quite healthy and tasty.

On our drive back, we saw this "little" guy wedged between the inner lane and the median on Royal Lane. We both felt sorry for the guy. I told Carrie that I would get out and pick him up and take him to a safer place, if she would stop.
So, Carrie made an U-turn to afford me the opportunity. With the emergency lights on, while her big  truck protected me from behind in the inner lane, I got out to pick up this "little" guy. I took him all the way across Royal to LB Houston Golf Course (with a pond), closer to the Trinity River.

Interestingly enough, another car pulled up right behind Carrie's truck and the lady said to us, "Hey, I was gonna do that". It was heartening to know that people care :)

I have never touched a Turtle before. This one was not a small turtle. He was almost the size of a frisbee. So, the experience was unique. I made sure to hold in the mid-section. Carrie, later asked me if he tried to bite me :)

There are days when I feel good about not driving around in an automobile and there are days when something like this happens and brings a lot of joy to me.

Thanks to Carrie and Mother Nature for the lovely opportunity.

I wanna leave you with this song!
Peace :)

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