Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bridge Not Too Far!

A while back, I wrote about the new section of Campion Trail was recently opened, in my other blog. When I wrote that post, the bridge across the Trinity River in my neck of the woods, had not been opened. But as of last weekend, it is open. There is still a bit of construction work going near the bridge, but the Campion Trail is now connected to the little trails along the canal (LTATC) where I live. So, now I can get on the trail in less than 2 minutes from my home :)
In fact, now I can take the BNTF (Bridge Not Too Far) to Campion Trail, instead of riding Valley Ranch Parkway, if I wanted to. There are pros and cons to riding the LTATC. One of them is that the LTATC is somewhat narrow, making it hard to pass pedestrians walking dogs, but nothing that can not be done with a little caution. If you don't want to be hassling with the rush-hour traffic, taking this path is a great way to go.
There is lots to see along the way, including members of the McCrane family!
And, lots of wondrous surprises from Ma Nature! You won't probably see this if you are driving in a car, but you are perhaps more likely to, if you are cycling or walking :)
Another view of the Campion Trail, looking southerly, towards Highway 635! You may notice some kids riding on the trail. It warms my heart to see this.
I came across two different Armadillos. One of them was shy!
But the other one wasn't shy! In fact, he/she was a daredevil. Came right up to me!
Came within a few inches of my feet!
And, acted as though I wasn't around! Without putting too fine a point on it, in fact, I was visiting him/her, in her neck of the woods!
Here is a better shot of the one that wasn't bashful!
And, another shot! I was very thrilled to see one so close. I don't know if they bite, but I wasn't too worried. They didn't seem hostile or anything.
That's not all you see around my neck of the woods. Here are the three turtle musketeers.
And, lots and lots of ducks and geese!
On a beautiful fall day, is there a better thing to do, than be outdoors and enjoy the splendid weather, cycling?
I hope you are having a great week!

Paz :)

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